About Us

About the Southeast New England Network:

The Southeast New England Network is a collaborative network of partners with expertise in stormwater management, financing, water quality and habitat restoration, green infrastructure, low impact development, and watershed-scale conservation and restoration.

The mission of the Network is to empower communities to achieve healthy watersheds, sustainable financing and long-term climate resilience through management of stormwater and restoration projects. The approach in developing the Network is based on mutually reinforcing strategies to deliver technical assistance and training to municipalities, organizations and tribes, creating improved norms of practice and financing, and peer to peer exchange across the region.

Southeast New England Program    
Project Lead:
New England Environmental Finance Center

The Southeast New England Network is funded by the US EPA and the Southeast New England Program under an Assistance Agreement.


The Southeast New England Network Partners:

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Meg Kerr
Sr. Director, Policy

Curt Spalding
Professor, IBES

Maria McCauley
Fiscal Officer

Erin Perry
Deputy Director, Administration

Kristy Senatori
Executive Director, Administration

Tim Pasakarnis
Water Resource Analyst

Elizabeth Scott
Consultant and Community Liaison for Rhode Island 

Heidi Ricci
Assistant Director of Advocacy

Danica Warns
Southeast Regional Coordinator 

Bryce DuBois
Environmental Psychologist

Kimberly Groff
Consultant and Community Liaison of Massachusetts

Katy Dorchies
Director of Communications/Marketing

Wenly Ferguson
Director of Habitat Restoration

Topher Hamblett
Director of Advocacy and Policy

Stephany Hessler
Grants and Foundations Manager

Jed Thorpe
Advocacy Coordinator 

Khris Dodson 
Associate Director 

Tess Clark
Program Coordinator 

Alison Bowden
Coasts and Oceans Scientist

Sara Burns
Water Resource Scientist

Joanne Throwe

Sheila Dormody
Director; Climate and Cities Programs


Aaron Ley
Professor, Political Science

Shanna Pearson
Professor, Political Science 

Lisa Philo
Communications Specialist

Lorraine Joubert
NEMO Program Director
URI Cooperative Extension