Request Assistance

Online Portal to Access Network Services

In order to streamline requests for network services, The Southeast New England Network has an online portal to assist SNEP communities in accessing funding, contractors, and targeted technical assistance. The Network has two consultants who will act as Network Liaisons to help communities plan and execute activities and projects, utilizing the expertise of the Network and its pre-approved contractors.  Our network members consist of environmental nonprofits, academic entities, regional planners, and consultants who offer expertise in leadership, financing, stormwater/watershed management, and climate resilience. Often times, solutions will be found through a phone call, at other times a site visit, a one day-event, or even a two week direct local interaction will help the municipality make measurable progress. 


  • Must be a municipality, tribe or nonprofit in the SNEP Region 
  • Must request assistance that falls within Network Activities (Stormwater/Watershed Management,  ecological restoration, and climate resilience)
    (All requests are subject to the availability and capacity of network partners and funding for pre-approved contractors)

After completing the form below, our network liaisons will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your request in greater detail. 

SNEP Boundary Map: