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Lynn Carlson– Compass Catographic

Curt Spalding – Spaulding Consulting

Jesse Sayles – ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow, Appointed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Center for Environmental Measurement and Modeling, Atlantic Coastal Environmental Sciences Division

Casey Merkle– Rhode Island School of Design

Bryce DuBois – Rhode Island School of Design
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Current / Past Research Assistants and Bios

Shreya Kaipa

Shreya has always found joy and peace in nature, and she gravitates towards spaces that facilitate systems of care and collaboration. Injustices or systems that don’t serve people well compel Shreya to respond, remembering her own agency. She often works with art, design, and organizing as avenues to reflect and amplify voices and ideas. Shreya received a RISD Maharam Fellowship for the summer of 2021 and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Architecture at RISD.

Casey Merkle
Casey is a researcher, educator, and artist with roots in Chicago, Illinois. She draws inspiration from stories that demonstrate the human connection to our environment. Casey has volunteered and worked with several of the STEW-MAP participants, learning more about how they maintain relationships with other organizations and how they practice care for the water, air, or land. Currently, Casey is a research assistant for STEW-MAP and completing her master’s thesis in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability at RISD.

Ben Meyers

Ben is from New York City and a 2020 graduate of Brown University. He grew up a few blocks away from Central Park and always appreciated the nooks and crannies and dense underbrush of the Ramble. Ben views GIS layers as an incredible way to paint the “big picture”. He pays close attention to the passionate individuals who actively maintain the sites and contribute to the green space mosaic. Ben is currently a Comprehensive Planner for the Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District.

Shreya working at the Sankofa Community
Casey and Ben on a hike
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