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Designing Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Webinar Description:
This training is intended for technical professionals involved with the siting, design, implementation, permitting, and regulation for effective stormwater management using green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI).  The courses emphasize understanding the basic principles of stormwater management design while advancing the state-of-practice. While the bulk of the practice has not embraced advanced GI stormwater management practices, the design leadership in professional associations, federal state and local regulatory bodies, and national research council’s effectively have.

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Improve your ability to design and review the essential site design characteristics of stormwater control measures.

Participation in this workshop will help you:

– Understand the basic hydrological and hydraulic characteristics necessary to design stormwater.
– Use this information to understand and better site design and compliance with local and state guidelines and requirements.
– Review proposed stormwater management designs and make recommendations to maximize project success.


James Houle, Program Director, University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center

Meg Kerr, Senior Director of Policy, Aubudon Society of Rhode Island

Brian Byrnes, Deputy Superintendent of parks and recreation, City of Providence

Ryan Kopp, Stormwater Coordinator, Stormwater Innovation Center, Audubon Society of Rhode Island