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Solicitation for Inter State MS4 Stormwater Crediting Technical Assistance

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The SNEP Network, RIDEM, MassDEP, and EPA are seeking communities to participate in a pilot project that involves capacity building for implementation of stormwater management strategies as well as the tracking and accounting of pollutant reductions. The project team in coordination with its community partners will convene a series of meetings that review the resources, methods and processes involved in compliance tracking and accounting schemes for stormwater management strategies (structural and non-structural). Meetings will focus on facilitated review of the tracking and accounting resources and process for users to present the existing functional elements necessary to develop stormwater control measure performance credits that are incorporated in Appendix F of the 2016 MA MS4 permit for accounting of pollutant load reductions. These sizing and accounting strategies will be used to develop updated tracking and crediting strategies. 

Objectives of this project include:
  • Create a collaborative environment that allows for capacity building around tracking and accounting of stormwater management strategies 
  • Exchange information on what metrics are required to build a consistent and reliable regional approach to tracking and accounting mechanisms
  • Create a sharable tracking and accounting model that can be applied to additional watersheds and states in the region

The project team will select two municipalities from each state (MA, RI) in the Blackstone River and/or Ten Mile River watersheds.

How to apply:

Visit the SNEP Network’s Stormwater Crediting webpage for more information and for directions on how to apply. The letter of interest is due by February 9th, 2021.