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Emerging Stormwater Technologies in Rhode Island: Focalpoint

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This webinar provides an overview on the design, implementation, and maintenance of FocalPoint stormwater systems.

FocalPoint is an on-line stormwater BMP that utilizes regionally acceptable vegetation planted in a high-flow rate biofiltration media layer that treats stormwater pollutants such as total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, metals and bacteria.  The high-flow rate media allows for a system footprint that is notably smaller than that of traditionally sized filtering BMPs, making it an ideal option for sites with limited amounts of available space.  The system also has an optional modular underdrain which can be used to provide additional subsurface storage/detention.


Christopher Dill, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
W. Scott Gourneau, Convergent Water Technologies
Rob Woodman, Ferguson Waterworks
Leonard R. Bradley, Diprete Engineering
Mark Hollis, Diprete Engineering
Dana Nisbet, Diprete Engineering
Michael Gazdacko, Colbea Enterprises LLC/Seasons Market
Larry Colantuono, Safe Harbor Wickford Cove

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