Aquidneck Island Climate Resilience Leadership Exchange

Aquidneck Island Climate Resilience Leadership Exchange

The SNEP Network Project Team, in partnership with the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank and the island’s municipal resilience teams, hosted the Aquidneck Island Climate Resilience Leadership Exchange in April, May, and June of 2023. At the Leadership Exchange workshops, state and local experts discussed important topics pertinent to addressing common concerns and building climate resilience on Aquidneck Island including stormwater and water resources, emergency management and preparedness, and transportation.

The purpose of the Leadership Exchange was to provide additional capacity, guidance, and support to coordinate island-wide priorities as it relates to climate resilience project needs and explore funding and financing opportunities necessary for implementation. These discussions led to the identification of next steps, project bundles, and funding opportunities. 


Climate Resilience Planning with Aquidneck Island Communities 

The SNEP Network conducted climate resilience prioritization and financing assessments for the communities of Aquidneck Island. As a result, these communities are better positioned to improve local climate resilience. Download the final reports to learn more. 

Planning to Action: Climate Toolkit

The Planning to Action: Climate Toolkit (“PACT”) is a SNEP Network resource developed by SNEP Network Partner, Throwe Environmental, LLC to guide communities from the earliest stages of resilience planning through the latter stages of implementation and financing. PACT is an adaptation of the existing US Climate Toolkit. The SNEP Network project team used PACT as the framework to complete the climate resilience assessments for Middletown, Portsmouth, and Newport. 

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