Consultant Pool

Pre-Approved Technical Service Consultant Pool

The SNEP Network has established a pre-qualified pool of service providers to augment the services and capacity of the Network’s partners to assist municipalities, tribes, and organizations in the Southeast New England region to advance locally driven activities that advance water quality and aquatic life improvements, restore physical processes that support critical habitat and ecosystem function, align restoration and management efforts on a regional scale, and other assistance including legal and grant development.

To establish the Technical Assistance Provider Pool, the New England Environmental Finance Center released a Request for Qualifications covering a broad range of services. The pre-qualified consultants and contractors were selected based on an evaluation of the proposals according to the evaluation criteria described in the RFQ. Each submission was reviewed, and a determination was made based on adequate documentation of staff qualifications and experience to deliver the services offered. 

Communities that qualify to receive free assistance can choose among highly respected and vetted service providers without burdensome procurement processes. The New England EFC, as the administrative arm of the Network, will directly contract with consultants/contractors once they’ve been selected.

Click here to see the pre-approved list of service providers and their services offered.  

The pre-approved list includes consultants who were recently approved for services during the second phase of the RFQ.