Leadership Exchange

SNEP Network Leadership Exchange

In March 2020, SNEP Network partner Throwe Environmental, LLC launched an innovative new technical assistance program: the Leadership Exchange. The Leadership Exchange uses three distinct, though interrelated, components — a community assessment, podcasts, and webinars — to address community resilience challenges. The Leadership Exchange brings together leaders on climate resilience from across the country for peer-to-peer discussions about successes, challenges, lessons learned, and best practices. The first Leadership Exchange provided assistance for climate resilience financing and sustainable development issues facing the town of Wareham, Massachusetts

Following the success of the Wareham project, we’re building on the Leadership Exchange format to focus even more on social resilience and environmental justice. We hope to hear from more community-level leaders and organizations, and to elevate community-driven solutions as we share stories from the leaders who are driving change. Interested in learning more or being featured in the next Leadership Exchange? Contact Kyle Gray at kyle@throwe-environmental.com. 

Learn more about the Wareham project and watch the webinars here, or explore the Wareham StoryMap below!

Listen to the Leadership Exchange podcast here, or find it available wherever you listen to podcasts.