Maidford River Watershed

The Maidford River Watershed Pilot Project

SNEP Network partners are assisting the Town of Middletown and Aquidneck Land Trust with planning and design for nature-based solutions to reduce flooding and improve water quality of the Maidford River and downstream receiving waters which include two sources of Aquidneck Island’s water supply, Nelson and Gardiners Ponds. This project implements recommendations of local watershed plans to increase the river’s flood storage capacity by creating meanders and floodplain storage, and replacing a culvert that restricts flow and contributes to flooding.  Project partners are also working with property owners to restore the river’s riparian buffer by allowing the land adjacent to the river return to a more natural condition.  These efforts complement ongoing work to improve the river’s water quality including construction of controls to treat runoff from roads and improved agricultural practices.     

Floodplain Restoration

Buffer Restoration

  • Read more about the Maidford Riparian Buffer Restoration Project HERE.
  • View our Maidford River Buffer Restoration Guide HERE.  

Save the Bay Video Tutorials 

These videos from project partner Save The Bay provide useful tips for buffer property owners. 

Bay-Friendly Tip: Plant A Buffer

Learn more about re-wilding your yard and planting a buffer with Riverkeeper Kate McPherson!

Bay Friendly Tip: Support your Rain Garden with a Rain Barrel

Rain gardens are shallow, planted depressions that absorb rainwater from roofs, driveways, and other hard surfaces, keeping it from running into the road and down storm drains.