Taunton River Watershed

Taunton River Watershed Pilot Project:
Canoe River Aquifer Protection Through Regional Application of Nature Based Solutions

Community Data, Maps, and Existing Plans

Community Data

Click on the town names below to see a brief profile on each of the five communities, including local waterways, land uses, and population demographics, including Environmental Justice communities, as relevant.


Easton          Foxborough          Mansfield          Norton          Sharon


[We can largely use the text on each community used in the Final Outreach Strategy document – see Sec. 4.3 Stakeholder Analysis. Also include a closeup of the Environmental Justice maps for Easton, Mansfield, and Sharon.]



Maps can help us make sure selected projects are effective for a broad range of people and places.


[Insert thumbnails or links to the following maps (Town Boundaries should be shown on all maps):

  • Canoe River Aquifer
  • Canoe River ACEC
  • Taunton Watershed
  • Environmental Justice Maps
  • Canoe River Basin
  • Master Map – Showing all of the above]


Later in this project, we will also have maps of potential NBS projects.


Existing Plans

To date all five communities have engaged in climate related hazard planning and Foxborough has adopted by-laws to address stormwater. Easton, Norton, and Mansfield have all completed Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Plans and Foxborough and Sharon are in the process of completing theirs. Hazard Mitigation plans are also a consideration. All these existing plans are a resource for identifying regional NBS projects that could be prioritized through this process.


Common issues from these existing plans include:

  • Warmer average Temperatures
  • Longer, hotter summers
  • Greater extreme precipitation events
  • More frequent flooding/drought
  • Groundwater quality/quantity challenges (PFAS)
  • Managing drinking water supply


Potential NBS projects pulled from these sources can be put into four broad categories:

  • Water Supply and Drought Resilience
  • Flooding, Stormwater, Dams, and Culverts
  • Forests, Habitats, and Invasive Species
  • Public Health and Emergency Preparedness


Easton MVP Report

Mansfield MVP Report

Norton MVP Report

Regional Taunton Watershed Restoration Database

Sharon Hazard Mitigation Plan

Foxborough Hazard Mitigation Plan

Easton Hazard Mitigation Plan

[Include hyperlinks for all the documents above.]