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Volunteer Training Event at Sam Wright Field Wetland Restoration Project
September 30, 2021 from 5pm-7pm

Event Description:

Tired of COVID, masks and mandates?
Take it out on some invasive plants
An invasive species monitoring training will be held at Sam Wright Field, 445 Bay Rd, Easton, MA on Thursday September 30, 2021 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. We are looking for volunteers to identify and monitor invasive plants at Sam Wright Field twice during the growing season as part of a wetland restoration project. Volunteers will be asked to walk a designated 15’ area, identify invasive plant species, flag the plants and document them using the iNaturalist program. All you need is an interest in plants or land conservation, a smartphone or GPS, and availability twice a year. This program is sponsored by the Southeast New England Network (SNEP) and the Town of Easton, Conservation Commission.
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