Taunton River Watershed

Canoe River Aquifer Resilience Pilot Project 

Protecting Our Communities with Nature Based Solutions 


SNEP Network partners are assisting the Towns of Easton, Foxborough, Mansfield, Norton, and Sharon, Massachusetts to enhance the protection of the Canoe River Aquifer using Nature Based Solutions or NBS. What does this mean? In brief, it means using natural soil, wetlands, plants, and trees to protect our water supply, improve water quality, expand wildlife habitat, and promote climate resiliency. The five communities in the aquifer have already identified literally hundreds of potential projects, and the goal of this project is to narrow that down to ten projects that we can implement. We want to select the projects that are going to have the most positive impacts for the region. In particular, we want to benefit the people in these communities who are the most vulnerable to issues like flooding, heat, and more. In order to do that, we need to hear from YOU!

Click here to view a storymap and learn more about the following questions . . . 

  • Why is the Canoe River Aquifer important?
  • How is it at risk?
  • How is it protected now?
  • What are Nature Based Solutions (NBS)?
  • What are the benefits of using NBS?
Map of the Taunton River Watershed


Tell us concerns about water quality and the impacts of climate change around the Canoe River!  Click here for more information on the community questionnaire.

Access the community questionnaire from this link: https://arcg.is/1HqG811.


Get Involved!

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Things You Can Do Today!

Protecting the aquifer isn’t something big and abstract. It depends on local policies and enforcement, but also thousands of daily actions from people like you. There are things you and your neighbors can be doing right now and every day that will collectively make a huge difference. 

Nature Based Solutions and Water Conservation Resources  

The SNEP Network is building a resources clearinghouse that can help communities all over the Southern New England region, including the five communities in the Canoe River aquifer. Click here for resources specific to Nature Based Solutions and Water Conservation.

Steering Committee

This project is being guided by a Steering Committee of 30 people representing all five towns in the Canoe River aquifer area, as well as regional and state agencies. Get more information on the Steering Committee and its meetings.


Community Data, Maps, and Existing Plans

Click here to see information on each of the five communities in the area, maps of the project area and potential Nature Based Solutions, and existing plans and documents this project is building on.