Taunton River Watershed

Canoe River Aquifer Pilot Project

Protecting Our Communities with Nature Based Solutions 


SNEP Network partners are assisting the Towns of Easton, Foxborough, Mansfield, Norton, and Sharon, Massachusetts to enhance the protection of the Canoe River Aquifer using Nature Based Solutions or NBS. What does this mean? In brief, it means using natural soil, wetlands, plants, and trees to protect our water supply, improve water quality, expand wildlife habitat, and promote climate resiliency. Through the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program, all five towns have collectively identified over 300 localized projects to address the impacts of climate change and natural hazards. The goal of this project is to narrow that down to approximately ten projects that we can help advocate for implementation funding.

So far, based on public input and working with individual towns to understand their priorities to address roadway and property flooding, habitat restoration, and water quality, among other climate impacts, these hundreds of projects have been narrowed down to 16 clusters. Hearing from residents will help the project team understand the issues residents are facing in their neighborhoods and prioritize projects that can offer multiple benefits and have the biggest impact. We want to hear from YOU!

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Virtual Public Workshop to Select Projects that Protect Water Quality and Support Climate Resiliency

Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 6-7:30 pm

Canoe River Aquifer Story Map

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